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Manchester Punk Fest in Manchester (UK) von Donnerstag, den 19.04.18 bis Samstag, den 21.04.18

Do, 19.04.18 - Sa, 21.04.18
Whitworth St
Manchester (UK)

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kompaktes Programm siehe hier

Thursday 19th April
Random Hand, Ducking Punches, Fresh, The Roughneck Riot, Crazy Arm, Fair Do's, No Matter, In Evil Hour, Arboricidio, Captain Trips

Friday 20th April
Lightyear, Death By Stereo, The Restarts, The Spook School, Waterweed, Wonk Unit, The Bennies, Apologies, I Have None, Milloy, Dream Nails, Fireapple Red, Pizzatramp, Witch Fever, Antillectual, Stand Out Riot, Throwing Stuff, Drones, Sounds Of Swami, Aerial Salad, The Raging Nathans, Rebuke, Speedozer, Hot Mass, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Rotten Foxes, Eat Defeat, Start At Zero, Spoilers
Acoustic Stage At Underdog: Babar Luck, Dead Drummer, The Lab Rats, Carol Hodge, Enda McCallan, Arms & Hearts

Saturday 21st April
Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Culture Shock, The Tuts, The Copyrights, Mobina Galore, Svetlanas, The Stupids, Happy Accidents, Darko, Tellison, Counterpunch, Russo, Dead Neck, Wadeye, Brassick, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Chewing On Tinfoil, Beat The Red Light, Natterers, PMX, Atterkop, The Kadt, Bobby Funk, Upstream Colour, All Aboard!, Finisterre, Uniforms, Christmas, Egos At The Door, Meinhof, Incisions, Hoof, Crumbs, Casual Nausea, Holiday, The Baby Seals, Regret, Goodbye Blue Monday, The Minor Discomfort Band, Forever Unclean
Acoustic Stage At Underdog: Captain Hotknives, Lucinda Livingstone (Kamikaze Girls), Tim Loud, Millie Manders, Freddy Fudd Pucker, Tom Aylott, Gutter Romance, Foxes Faux, Carl Moorcroft

We aim to promote who we think are the best bands currently on the punk circuit. This year is no different and we can't even really believe what we have in store for you. Now in our fourth year we are more fired up than ever. Come one come all.

As always we are spread across several Manchester city centre venues but as you are aware, we will no longer be using Sound Control. Those 2 stages have now been moved to Rebellion and The Bread Shed as well as the usual marathons inside Gorilla, Underdog, Scholar, Thirsty Scholar and Font Bar.

ON THE DOOR PRICE (if available) - £50

Propagandhi, Iron Chic, Lightyear, Culture Shock, Wonk Unit, The Copyrights, Random Hand, The Restarts, Antillectual, The Tuts, Pizzatramp, The Bennies, Svetlanas, Tellison, The Spook School, Apologies I Have None, Waterweed, Mobina Galore, Ducking Punches,, Darko, In Evil Hour, Egos At The Door, Roughneck Riot, Beat The Red Light, Sounds of Swami, Speedozer, ROTPM, Counterpunch, Atterkop, Chewing On Tinfoil, The Baby Seals, Rebuke, PMX, RUSSO, Happy Accidents, Brassick, Hot Mass, No Matter, Start At Zero,Freddy Fudd Pucker, Dead Drummer, Throwing Stuff, Tom Aylott, Natterers, Captain Hotknives, The Minor Discomfort Band, Captain Trips, Drones, All Aboard, Aerial Salad, Fresh, Holiday, Christmas, Casual Nausea, Millie Manders, Spoilers, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Regret, Rotten Foxes, Forever Unclean, Eat Defeat, The Raging Nathans, Crumbs, Bobby Funk, Uniforms, Hoof, Foxes Faux, Shankland, Incisions, Lucinda Livingstone (Kamikaze Girls), The Lab Rats, Goodbye Blue Monday, Wadeye, Dead Neck, Tim Loud, Carl Moorcroft, Enda McCallan and loads more to be announced…

For the full line-up to date please check out:

We will have our usual afterparties, special cover sets and we'll be marching around each venue with a clipboard and fountain pen taking notes, asking you detailed questions and checking that you're enjoying yourself.
Please check out our new website. It has all of our news, tickets, line up information, FAQ's, music to stream and much more:

We also have a festival app available on iPhone and Android, search MPF2018!

Keep up to date with us by liking our Facebook page:

You can also follow us on Twitter/Instagram at @MCRPunkFest and tag anything MPF related with #MPF2018

See you for the debauchery in April homeslice x

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