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Raketkanon in Köln am Dienstag, den 19.11.19

iCal-Datei herunterladen Di, 19.11.19
Sonic Ballroom
50825 Köln
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Raketkanon [BEL] / Lokale Vorband gesucht!

Progressive Noiserock
Deep at its heart—in the small medieval town of Ghent, to be precise—Belgium harbours a dark secret. You might not know it, but the unassumingly quaint town is home to one of the loudest, darkest and most progressive rock bands in the world. That's right, Belgium has a secret sonic wea-pon of mass destruction, and its name is Raketkanon.

Raketkanon: it means Rocketcannon in Flemish. But Raketkanon don't sing in Flemish. Raketkanon speak their own language; one of throttled squeals and shouts, meat-grinder waves of rolling riffs, synth-layered soundscapes, dystopic electronica-laced beats, and hypnotic grooves. Raketkanon speak the language of music like you've never heard anyone speak it before, and for their latest re-cord, they've relearned a whole new dialect.

It's that outpouring and flow of emotion between band and audience that has made Raketkanon's raucous, intensely powerful live shows the stuff of legend, but they're philosophical when it comes the impact of their new, more dynamic material on the explosive power of those performances. "We're not going to be RKTKN Unplugged from now on or anything, even though there are some more mellow songs," laughs Devos, his serious demeanour dropping for the first time. "I don't think the live shows need to be any less energetic or dramatic. Maybe we can use a different aspect of the same language to still get that same energy."
Raketkanon in 2019 then; a Belgian band with a Flemish name, communicating in their own unique musical language—one that they're constantly still trying to work out for themselves. And as for what horizons Devos sees the band exploring in the future, the front man is clear on at least one thing. "I hope the next record won't be anything like this one," he says, flashing a wry smile.

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 10€

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