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WeStandBYyou im Stream am Samstag, den 24.04.21

Sa, 24.04.21
#WeStandBYyou Online Festival - Benefit For Belarus

100 Kilo Herz
Efa Supertramp (UK)
Niki Minipax
The Roughneck Riot (UK)
James Bar Bowen (UK)
Brett Newski (US)
Karin Rabhansl
Jason S. Thompson (US)
Wham Bam Bodyslam (AT)
The Sensitives (SWE)
Anna's Anchor (IRL)
Chris Magerl And The Burning Flags (AT)
Sunliner (UK)
MX Plasticpunk / Rather Raccoon
Harry Gump
The Black Elephant Band
Since August 2020 people have been taking to the streets in order to show their protest against the fake election and the dictatorial Lukashenka regime. The latter responds with police violence, imprisonment and torture. There are about 300 political prisoners at the moment: students, artists, anarchists, human rights activists. We want to show our solidarity to everyone who is fighting for freedom and democracy in Belarus right now and help where it is necessary:
Victims of state violence need medical support which they hardly receive or just receive under danger in Belarus. Libereco has set up the Emergency Fund Belarus in order to provide the victims with medical treatment in Germany. The donations help people who paid with their health for their commitment to freedom, democracy and human rights. The fund will help them to regain their freedom of movement and action. You can read the stories of some affected people who have already found medical support in Germany via the following link:

As we all know it’s not possible to organize a “real” festival or concert at the moment because of the covid-19 pandemic, so we use the internet to come to meet up: A lot of bands and musicians have sent us videos of their performances and now we can watch them together in our #WeStandBYyou festival playlist on Youtube (available from Saturday, April 24 9 PM CET onwards). Some of the contributions have been recorded during several covid-19 streaming sessions within the last year, most of the videos were made exclusively for our digital festival. Chill some drinks, arrange to meet with your friends online and enjoy the “festival” at home!

Donations for the Libereco Emergency Fund Belarus are very welcome! You can donate here if you want:
Please choose the designation “Emergency Fund Belarus” and add “#WeStandBYyou Fest” as a comment.

Unfortunately the bands and musicians can’t see and hear you cheering and partying on your sofas. That’s why it will make them even more happy if you comment on their performances on Youtube or link them in your Instagram or Facebook posts. There will also be a festival chat where you’ll be able to talk to the artists or to other people in the audience (no user account necessary!). You will find the link to this chat room in our linktree ( as soon as the music videos will be available. Feel free to use and to follow the hashtag #WeStandBYyou. And: The musicians appreciate any kind of support (buying their music on Bandcamp or in their online shops, streaming their songs on Spotify etc.) as they can’t play any shows during the pandemic.

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