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The Tosspints:
Have You Been Drinking?
In Großbritannien ist 'Tosser' ein weit verbreitetes Schimpfwort. Frei übersetzt bedeutet es soviel wie Vollidiot. Obwohl nicht feststeht, dass der Bandname The Tosspints auch von diesem Wort hergeleitet wurde, lässt sich allein mit einem Blick auf die Setlist des Albums "Have You Been Drinking" feststellen, dass man es mit eben solchen zu tun hat. Die dreiköpfige Formation um den US-Veteranen Don Zuzula und dessen Bruder Zak beschäftigt sich in ihren Texten nämlich hauptsächlich mit der Verherrlichung des Soldatentums, des ehrenvollen Tods und des Kriegs im Allgemeinen. Gleich im ersten Song "Genocide is Painless" (ja, der Song heißt wirklich so!) wird darüber gesungen wie ein Dorf ausgelöscht, geplündert, die Frauen vergewaltigt und die Männer getötet werden. Inwiefern das als Kritik zu verstehen sein kann, bleibt jedoch völlig offen. Auch in den anderen Songs tauchen immer wieder die Begriffe Blut, Ehre, Kampf auf. Anfangs denkt man tatsächlich, dass man hier eine Rechtsrock-CD in der Hand hat. Allerdings passt der dazu dargebotene Irish Folk, der viele Ähnlichkeiten zu den bereits von den Tosspints supporteten Dropkick Murphys hat, nicht zu dieser Vermutung. Nichtsdestotrotz bleibt allein durch die Texte wenigstens ein flauer Beigeschmack bestehen.
Philriss 09/2013
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The Tosspints
Musikstil: Irish Folk Punk
Herkunft: USA
The Tosspints - Have You Been Drinking?

Stil: Folk Punk
VÖ: 08/2013, LP, CD, East Grand Record Co.

01. Genocide is Painless
02. Soldiers Heart
03. Our Last Breath
04. Shoot at All the Cops
05. My Own Country
06. Train Robber Song
07. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
08. Come Out Ye Black and Tans
09. Message in a Bottle
10. Eleanor
11. Your Name
12. Blood and Whiskey

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Kommentar eintragen:

The Tosspints

15.09.2013 23:11
I believe that the translation of these songs has lost it's meaning somewhere along the way and caused a misunderstanding. This album is meant to be strongly anti-war and uses the graphic symbolism and descriptions to try to cause people to reject violence and war. I want to applolgize to you for causing you to think that we would ever promote or glorify any type of atrocity. These songs are supposed to be reminders of how horrible it is to live through those experiences and to warn people about how terribly it effects the lives of those who survive through them. I truly did not mean to offend and do not want people to think that we are brutal or evil warmongers, because we are not.
Mike Voldeck

15.09.2013 23:15
Just so you guys know, I happen to not only put out their music, but be great friends with these fellas. Let me clear a couple things up. One, Donny an Iraq war veteran, and writes music about things that he has seen first-hand. His brother Zack, is a school teacher. Second, nobody is condoning genocide, war, or anything of the like. In fact, this record is very much anti-war. I'm gonna chalk this up to the translation gap, but I believe you owe us and The Tosspints an apology for getting this completely wrong. It's one thing to criticize the music, but when you bring in far-right politics and start talking about things you know nothing about, then it becomes a sort of libel. To call this a professional review would be a slap to real music journalists. If you want to talk further, you can reach me through Facebook or our website. Until then, shut the fuck up on things you can't understand and please try to be a little less ignorant in your writings.

Michael Voldeck
East Grand Record Company
Michael Voldeck

16.09.2013 00:25
I would like to formally apologize for my previous post. I got a little hot because I respect The Tosspints as humans and I love their music. I realized that by attacking you, I was doing the exact same thing I was complaining about you doing. I just want it to be known that I firmly stand behind The Tosspints and their message and that I am sorry I handled your criticism the way I did. I spoke out of frustration without looking at it from your view. I hope we can work on rectifying this situation as soon as possible. Respect and cheers.

Mike Voldeck
East Grand Record Company
Jason Bowler

16.09.2013 01:12
As a close fan and friend of The Tosspints, I believe you've mistaken the mission of their music.

While the Tosspints' music tells tales of war, conflict, and self-struggle/self-destruction, in no way shape or form do these songs glorify such conduct.

Don Zuzula is a combat veteran of the United States Army; he writes his music based on his experiences of going to war not to promote combat or violence but to rather illustrate what our servicemen actually go through, mentally and emotionally, while going to war.

To make such a value judgment on the Tosspints' music at face value is fallatious at best. While everyone may be entitled to their opinions, it is unfortunate that yours couldn't be further from what the Tosspints try to achieve.

I encourage you to take another listen through the Tosspints' music with a more open mind and see it from a different perspective.

Respectfully yours,
Jason Bowler

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