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Andrew Jackson Jihad, Hard Girls, 19.06.2015 in London (UK), The Lexington - Bericht von tenpints

Andrew Jackson Jihad, 19.06.2015 in London (UK)

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He doesn't disappoint today either, he actually has even improved a lot, especially his Ballett and tap. Most of the other cast is great, too, although some of the adults have changed and they are not as good as the former ones were. I also noticed that I'm not as moved as I was when I watched the dvd. I guess having all these people around me it's harder. But the live-theatre-atmosphere makes up for it, and it's just great to see other actors have a different take on the roles. All of them are able to give the role an individual touch, even the children. The three main children's roles are very hard, especially those of Billy (a lot of difficult dancing and a lot of different emotions following shortly after one another) and Michael (a young gay boy who just has realized his feelings for Billy for the first time and gets kinda sad because of that), so it's a great experience to see these amazingly talented kids managing the task and just having the time of their lives.

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