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Die Shitlers, The Jim Tablowski Experience, 02.10.2014 in Bochum, Intershop - Bericht von tenpints

Die Shitlers, 02.10.2014 in Bochum

Good morning, good evening and good night! This is yours truly speaking in English because I finally found the confidence to do so! Jim-Tablowski-Experience-Keith is going to leave Dortmund and that's a shame. I've said that a thousand times now and I'm gonna say it a thousand times more: It's a real shame! He's cool. Anyway, do you know where my stupid nickname comes from? No? Okay. I won't tell you. What I WILL tell you is what you missed and what you and I experienced last night in Bochum at the INTERSHOP, 'cause that was one of the best experiences of my life. Some might have heard this phrase last week already when I got on stage myself for the first time in years but, well, that was last week, and the best experience is ALWAYS the experience you make AT THE VERY MOMENT YOU READ THIS. I should take money for that advice.
Anyway, The Jim Tablowski Experience plays two last gigs and this is one of them. Unfortunately their drummer has forgotten the date so they have to play without him.
When I first heard that I was devestated but then THIS happens: they're playing an acoustic set in the streets! And as if that wasn't enough afterwards there will be a guest appearance by one of the most enigmatic persons of today's punk-rock-scene: MARTIN SHITLER on drums. Yeah!
  But first let's watch them play without Martin. I especially like the interlude.
Everything's amazing and someone is happy.
I like that I forgot my camera. These grainy smartphone-shots look nice, don't they?
Better than birthday and christmas TOGETHER, a festival of happiness for every shitlers-hool: Martin on drums. I just love to watch him play.
He even sings! And it sounds okay, I guess, given the fact that the only rehearsal was half an hour before the set.
As you all know this is Keith. He's gonna leave us. Fuck. I really think The Jim Tablowski Experience is one of the best punk-rock-bands of our time. They will be missed. Good thing 2015 will see the release of their last record!
Martin plays a song on his mobile over his mic so he can play it properly. I just love how professional he is!
The concert is a big success. There are people from all over the pott and even from Münster in the crowd. After the gig they all leave soon, though, as if Bochum was some kind of shithole you have to escape as quickly as possible. And they could have been more fun and drunk, too! I can't stop to think that there must be a worm inside this evening somewhere! But I can't find it. Maybe it's just my stupid mind.
another pic
and another one!
Die Shitlers are a bit disappointed because this is their homebase and the venue isn't overcrowded. Every Shitlers-fan knows why: Phantom is not here! And with him his 1000 friends and supporters. But, well, I still like the band and I definitely like the fact I have a seat directly in front of them at the bar!
Martin looks good on guitar, too. As usual, Die Shitlers tell us little bits of their exciting lifes inbetween the songs. Could have been more this time, though. Maybe they should do some stand-up-shows without or with only a little music. Then there wouldn't be annoying "HALTS MAUL UND SPIEL"-shouts. Well, the time comes when wishing helps, I guess!
Frank Shitler is also one of the most enigmatic persons in punk-rock-history. He assures us that there are several Frank-Shitler-Experience-movies waiting to be released. Hope they are appropriate for all audiences, hehe!!
These guys know how to work a beer-bong, but then it's always just a very small beer inside that very big hose. It's a shame, but I like them anyway. They know how to eat pizza, too!
Martin knows how to drink a beer properly. I guess it's Fiege. Dear Intershop, I MUST say that it's NOT COOL to sell Krombacher when you order a "PILS" at the bar. There's a Fiege-tap, you should use it!
Tristan Shitler luvs Justin Bieber. I knew it.
Martin Shitler luvs funny faces. I knew it!
Another guest-appearance, this time by Günay B, a young upcoming punk'n'rap-performer, singing "Gegen Nazis reicht".
AS IF IT WASN'T ENOUGH there's another enigmatic punk-rock-hero, the big SCHOKO SEMTEX, also performing "Gegen Nazis reicht". You all should come to the 900-Jahre-Operation-Semtex-Festival at AZ MÜLHEIM. It's on 11th October and features him, DIE BULLEN, GEDRÄNGEL, ROBINSON KRAUSE and many other great bands!!
Simply a great evening. Thank you all! One thing was disappointing, though: punk-rock-legend Andi H. didn't wear his flaming Blind-Guardian-Shirt, and Die Shitlers didn't play the song about that shirt. Maybe it doesn't exist at all!?
Anyway, after the gig I had some pizza with the Dormagen-guys during which I received a phone call saying that all of my friends were about to take off to Dortmund or Münster. Crazy. I went back to the Intershop only to find Martin was about to run off, too, so I wondered if my stench was too dramatic to bear. But as it turned out I smelled of flowers with just a slight hint of beer and so I found Markus and Keith and talked and laughed a lot with them, all in English. Nice. Good thing tonight is the next punk-rock-show, this time even closer, right in the hood. Can't wait. See ya!
I think I'll have Bier mit Gin Tonic tonight!

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